International Symposium on the 2019 Durrës Earthquake and Seismic Hazard in Albania (ISDE-SHA)

Scope and Objectives:
On November 26, 2019 a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the port town of Durrës on the western coast of Albania. The earthquake was the strongest in Albania for the last five decades, and world’s deadliest for the year 2019, killing 51 people and causing significant damage to buildings.
The symposium will give a broad overview of regional tectonics and their implication in the past and present seismic activity in the Durrës region. In particular, we will discuss co- and post-seismic observations, strong ground motion, and the macroseismic impact from the Durrës earthquake and its implications for seismic hazard in Albania and surrounding countries. The symposium is intended to bring together specialists from different disciplines, foster international cooperation among researchers who are interested in tectonics and earthquake processes in the region, and encourage the development of cooperative and interdisciplinary international research projects. It also aims at strengthening the Albanian earthquake research infrastructure, and identifying needs for improved earthquake monitoring and seismic hazard assessment throughout the country.

Time: postponed to a later date

Venue: To be decided


  • Active tectonics of Albania and surrounding regions
    1. Tectonics of the western Albanian thrust belt,
    2. Characteristics of fold and thrust belts in Albania;
    3. Geophysical surveys of underground structure in Albania and surrounding regions
  • The 26.11.2019 M6.4 Durres earthquake:
    1. Main shock observations
    2. Strong ground motion
    3. Foreshocks and aftershocks activity
  • Macroseismic observations in built and natural environment
  • Seismic hazard of Albania and seismic code provisions
  • Seismic hazard and uncertainties in eastern Mediterranean regions
  • Microzonation of urban areas